Negotiating Stein and Modernism through Language

This piece by Meghali Baneerjee is a literary analysis of Gertrude Stein's book, 'Tender Buttons.'


What is History to its Reader?

In this article, Shiksha Sharma discusses E.H. Carr's methodology of practicing historical research. As a case study, Shiksha considers the narrative of the diasporic Sindhi community with relation to the facts regarding partition and post-partition events.

Asexuality in India and Hindu Mythology

Mrudula Srivatsa argues in her piece that asexuality is neither celibacy nor is it the result of a mental or physical impediment. Asexuality is a choice. To elaborate on her argument, she uses an example from Hindu mythology so that we can understand asexuality in the Indian context.

Interview with Jenson Joseph

"The good traditions of film studies in India are those which look at cinema as providing us with descriptions of the social field which we cannot find elsewhere in the social sciences." - An interview by Serene and Mrudula

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